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Do I need a visa to enter Morocco? What are the passport requirements? Get some essential information to make traveling easier.

The need for a visa depends on your nationality. For all nationalities, the maximum duration of the tourist trip is 90 days. A request for an extension can be made at the nearest police station to stay an additional 90 days.
For foreign nationals arriving in Morocco as part of an organized trip, a valid passport must cover at least the duration of the stay in Morocco.
To avoid any inconvenience upon arrival in Morocco, make sure you have a valid passport.
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The exchange rate
In airports, in some hotels, banks, in cities exchange offices are available to facilitate accessibility. The counters will require your passport for the transaction. 
International credit card
Your bank will tell you where you can withdraw your money. ATM bank machines are widespread throughout Morocco. International credit cards Visa or MasterCards are accepted by most hotels, some restaurants, shops, and petrol stations. 

Means of Communication

To make calls from your mobile phone number, don’t forget to contact the “International” option with your telephone operator.
The network is generally well covered in Morocco.
It is also possible to buy a Moroccan SIM smart card provided that you have unblocked your mobile phone beforehand. You can also find refills in all kiosks.

Generally, all hotels in Morocco have a high-speed connection, and many establishments offer free WI-FI connections: restaurants, cafeterias, airports, etc.

Currency in Morocco
The official currency unit of Morocco is the Moroccan dirham (DH) which is abbreviate (MAD).
Tickets: you will find tickets from 20-50-100-200 DH
The coins: The coins in use are 0.50-1-2-5 and 10 DH and 1-5-10-20 centimes.

In Morocco, like most countries in the world, you can pay by cash or credit card. When paying by credit card, the exchange rate applied is the current rate. The maximum commission depends on each issuing institution, it is generally 1%.

In establishments that don’t give the possibility to pay by credit card, it is preferable to pay in dirhams. The best places to change your currency are the exchange offices that are located in the tourist squares of each city in Morocco. You can change your currency at the airport or in hotels as well.

You can find out the value of the exchange rate in real-time by clicking here.

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